Name: Bluff Water Supply Main

Location: Invercargill - Bluff, Southland
Contract Value: $5.2M
Project Completion Date: 2014

Client: Invercargill City Council

Project Description
Install 20km of new 315mm OD PE water supply main from Invercargill to Bluff, including valve structures and connections.

Relevant Components
The project involved installation of a new 315OD PE pipeline next to SH1. This was installed to AS/NZS2566 standards including trenching, haunching and bedding, backfill and compaction, pressure testing and disinfection.
The project also included trenchless construction - 5 major directional drill shots under existing waterways and multiple drill shots for connections under the state highway.
The project involved welding over 20km of PE100 pipeline. Both butt welding and electro fusion welding was carried out by our own qualified staff. A sample of 1 in every 50 welds was sent away to an accredited laboratory to confirm conformance with the contract specifications.
The disturbed sections of carriageway were reinstated to NZTA and ICC specifications.
This project affected many members of the public from motorists to landowners.
Wherever works would cause disruption we notified parties by warning signage, or advertisements, or door knocking to meet with the public.
Pre work planning included audits of the site to identify risks and to ensure a process for managing risk was implemented. Staff undertook weekly tailgate forms to identify any new hazards or to confirm a safer process for existing hazards.
The project was undertaken alongside busy state highway 1 which has required varying traffic management set ups, all complying with the NZTA CoPTTM manual.
A number of audits have been undertaken by NZTA and ICC representatives, all of which have passed with approval.


bluff water supply main