Location: Camp Street West, Queenstown
Contract Value: $253,524.05
Project Completion Date: April 2011
Company: GHD Queenstown

Project Details:

For this project we pre milled and reshaped 1815m2 of Camp Street West, and then completed foam bitumen stabilization. During the pre mill and reshape process we moved around a selection of materials mixing the better basecourse with the areas which had marginal basecourse. This process worked well and eliminated the need to import AP40 to supplement the stabilization. The reshape of the carriageway and Camp Street roundabout was also undertaken at the premill stage with the excess waste being minimized in this process. This work was completed at night time with the intention of having the minimum possible impact on the surrounding businesses. This also allowed us to close the road to non essential traffic and detour it around the site. Completing this work at night time was very challenging but we believe in the end resulted in the client getting a higher quality end product.

The works have been completed in accordance with the specified standards and codes of practice. The works have been quality inspected and approved by our own supervisors, the Engineers representative. Quality testing has been carried out by Central Testing Services, and the works have met the specified requirements.