Location: Gorge Road, Queenstown
Contract Value: $458,000
Project Completion Date: March 2010
Company: GHD Queenstown

Project Details:

This rehabilitation project involved milling, foam bitumen stabilization, widening and reshaping 560m of the existing pavement surface. The foam bitumen stabilization was done by our subcontractor Hiway Stabilizers whom worked in conjunction with our roading crew to stabilize and reshape this road.

As part of this project we installed 440m of subsoil drain and three new manholes along the west side of Gorge Road, as well as replace existing culverts. At the end of each culvert a rock outlet structure was installed. The majority of this subsoil drain trench was excavated into hard rock which meant having to use a rock breaker to excavate the trench.

Traffic management was a crucial element in the running of the Gorge Road project. We utilised a combination of traffic management techniques including shoulder closed, speed restrictions, stop / go, traffic lights and road closures. The use of traffic lights allowed us to complete the project with ease and out the need for continual manual traffic control. We had to ensure that our traffic lights did not have a delay of more than 5minutes as delays of any longer had a significant impact on Shotover Jet bus time table.