Location: Jacks Point to Kelvin Heights, Queenstown
Contract Value: $103,000.00
Project Completion Date: October 2009
Company: Department of Conservation

Project Details:

This project involved the upgrading of several kilometres of walking track. The track traverses flat to moderate sloping terrain through regenerating native bush overlooking Lake Wakatipu. The key tasks of this track upgrade were widening of the existing track, water table formation, culvert installation, installation of Gibbston Grates and gravelling. As the existing track was constructed over rocky outcrops extensive blasting had to be used to achieve surface and water table formation. The proximity of this blasting to farm land and lakeside cliff meant that all precautions had to be made to keep the general public from entering the blast area and potential danger. Multiple sentries where utilized to ensure the site was vacant whilst the blast was happening. The finished track varied between 1.2m wide and 1.5m wide.

The gravelling of the track was completed using a purpose built bottom dump trailer which gets towed behind a tractor and by helicopter. Once the gravel had been place it was then raked to form a crown and compacted.

This project including all variations such as the gravelling was all completed before the due date for completion. Our high quality work on this project has received outstanding phrase from both DOC and the Wakatipu Trails Trust.