Location: Greenstone Valley
Contract Value: $561,000
Project Completion Date: April 2011
Department of Conservation

Project Details:

This track is located in between the floor of the Greenstone Valley and the McKellar Saddle and will provide an upgraded link between the Caples and Greenstone Valleys. Due to the isolation of this track remote living quarters have been erected beside Lake McKellar and the crew is flown in and out of the track each week by helicopter. This 2.4km track is being constructed in steep forest terrain with significant amounts of bed rock and boulder fields. The complexity of this track meant that the crew had to consist of an experienced chainsaw operator, drill and blasting expert and excavator operator. As significant amounts of this track are to be constructed on bed rock our crew is undertaking daily blasting in order to clear a section on which a suitable track can be formed. As well as completing the track construction we also completed a board walk structure.