Location: Morningstar Reserve, Queenstown
Contract Value: $
Project Completion Date: October 2009
Company: Department of Conservation

Project Details:
Site Works / Retaining Walls / Pavement Construction

The site works involved 7,300m3 of bulk earthworks, rock blasting, installation of stormwater/utilities, construction of gabion baskets, and construction of Green Terramesh/earth retaining walls. Along with doing site works we have also installed kerb and channel, chipped the new carpark with AP20 and re-graded and sealed the main access road to Shotover Jet. As our site included the main access road to Shotover Jet we had to deal with a substantial amount of traffic including a lot of tourists and a bus coming into and out of our site every 15minutes. This meant we had vigilant with our traffic management to ensure safe access was maintained at all times.

We have received exceptional praise from both DOC and Maccaferri staff on the construction methods and finishing of the gabion baskets, Green Terramesh and earth retaining walls.

For this job we utilised our GPS machine control. This meant that all earthworks where completed with out the need for any physical set out. Not only did this mean substantial savings for the client as it reduced the need for a surveyor to set out the works. It also meant that our earthwork where completed a lot more efficiently as excavator drivers are not constantly having to check there levels and shape against set out pegs. The GPS was of extreme benefit to this job as the shape to be constructed was very complex, comprising of curved and steep ramps, and steep batters.