Project Name: Subdivision Development

Location: Invercargill
Project Completion Date: 2011

Client: Bonisch Consultants

Relevant Components
Northwood included pipe trenching and laying of stormwater, foul sewer, watermain, telecom and power lines.
All trenching was undertaken using 20t excavators and drainage crews. As per the ICC standards each service had its own trench which meant over 2.5km of trenching was undertaken on this site. All work was tested and commissioned by Wilson Contractors staff.
Northwood included installation of both foul sewer and stormwater drainage. All mains were new lines and connected onto the existing Invercargill network. As part of the stormwater installation we had to trench underneath a 900mm existing watermain which feeds the majority of Invercargill. This meant that we had to use an engineer’s design to support this main so it didn’t burst or fracture whist we were trenching underneath it.
Northwood was constructed at the end of an existing cul de sac which meant the only traffic control that was required was the controlling of trucks as they entered and exited the site.

northwood estate