peninsula road subdivision

Location: Peninsula Road, Kelvin Heights, Queenstown
Contract Value: $2.098 million
Project Completion Date:  August 2017
Company: Southern Land

Project Details:

The project involved the construction of a high end, 17-lot sub division in Kelvin Heights.  The project came with many challenges, as well as many rewards. We encountered some of the hardest rock that was resistant to blasting and ground water that flooded our pipelines and manholes.

A 20T GPS digger, D8 Bulldozer and a 35T excavator fitted with a rock breaker completed the earthworks, forming the basis of the road. Large cut to fills were needed to create the road alignment. 

Where practical, trenches were broken with a 35T excavator. In the majority of places, a local blasting contractor with knowledge of the terrain was used. Drill holes at 1m intervals along both sides of the trenches were made up to 7m deep for our sewer and storm water lines. Once the blasting was completed this opened up the trench lines to allow the ground water to escape. Additional subsoil drains were installed along Peninsula Road, as more subterranean springs were found.  

Another distinctive feature is the 480m long rising main installed to feed the 180,000L tank farm. Set over 100m higher than the subdivision, at an elevation of 480m above sea level, this was provided to the client as a cost-effective solution to a booster pump. The line was installed through a rock cutting up steep slopes. 

The project took 8 months to complete.  We broke, blasted and ripped over 3,800m3 of solid rock, poured 1km of kerb and channel and imported nearly 3,000m3 of metal. It took our most experienced earthworks, drainage and roading teams to complete such a mammoth task.