Project: Prime Range Meats Sewer Main

Location: Switzer Street, Gloucester Street, Renfrew Street – Grasmere, Invercargill
Year of Completion: 2015
Invercargill City Council

Project Description

This project required installation of a sewer pump chamber and a sewer rising main as well as the installation of gear valve, manhole and outfall.

Relevant Components
Traffic Management Plans at Paddock, Switzer Street, Pump Station, Gloucester Street, Railway Crossing and Renfrew Street
Remove Switzer Street fencing, gorse and stumps
Clean and regrade Switzer Street ditch
Install 150 subsoil and backfill in ditch
Dig out and supply and install wet well
Supply and install valve pit and flowmeter pit
Build cable plinth
Install electrical ducting
Connect clarifier outlets
Install pumps, pipework and fit out
Lay and weld pipe
Pressure testing
Grass Reinstatement
Road Marking


prime range meats sewer main