Location: Roche Road, Southland
Contract Value: $
Project Completion Date: June 2009
Company: MWH Invercargill

Project Details:
This project involved the removal of an old Armco culvert and replacing it with new precast box culvert. To complete this project we had to dam the existing stream and divert the water flow. Due to the high water table it meant that even though the stream was dammed we still had a lot of water coming up through the ground which meant that we had to create soak holes and use pumps to keep the site dewatered. Once the area had been dammed we then removed the existing culvert, supplied and compacted a new base and lifted in the new culvert with the assistance of cranes. Once the culvert was in place, the joints where grouted the wingwall’s where installed. The culvert was backfilled and rip rap was placed on the edges of the wingwalls. We then reinstated the road, installed and painted new sight rails to ensure the safety of the culvert.

This job had to be completed within a very tight timeframe as we were only allowed to close Roche Road for 5 days. This meant a lot of prior planning went into the methodology of the job to ensure that work was completed within the allowed timeframe.