Health and Safety inspections are carried out to monitor on site safety performance.  Any issues that arise from the inspections are given a time frame to be actioned and a person made responsible for carrying this out.  On subsequent visits, any previously raised issues are checked they meet these requirements.

We operate an incident report scheme where all staff are encouraged to report any near misses, incidents or accidents in a blame-free environment.  The incidents are investigated to find the cause of the problem.  Any lessons learnt are distributed around the staff to prevent any re-occurrence of the problem.

Assessment and review of staff are carried out in the following stages.  An initial assessment is made within the first week of employment, then on a rolling 6 monthly basis.  Staff are assessed on a range of activities and the results are recorded on the individual training record sheet.  These records are used to plan the progress and training needs of the individual.


At Wilson Contractors we pride ourselves on the quality of our work.  We believe that by providing an excellent service to the highest quality whilst still offering good value, we will develop strong business relationships with our clients and secure repeat work in the future.

Wilson Contractors are a member of the Civil Contractors Quality Assurance programme QEST. QEST stands for quality, environment, safety, total management system. This system and our Quality Assurance and Health & Safety procedures which will in turn offer our clients a better quality, safer construction project.

For each project a job specific quality plan is developed, detailing relevant standards and specifications, test and inspection regimes along with record and check sheets for each operation.  As a part of the quality and health and safety plans, method statements are produced for all key tasks.  The production of method statements allows us to control the specific procedures to be used on site when operational constraints necessitate this.  Information from method statements is shared with the staff at toolbox talks and / or briefings.  Copies of method statements are kept  by the supervisors for reference during construction work.  Using this procedure we can keep tight control on the construction methods to be used.  Analysis of any quality failures are measured by recording the events on non-conformance report sheets.  Copies of these are forwarded to the contracts manager and managing director for discussion and action, including overall system failures.  Amendments can then be implemented as required. 


Wilson Contractors have an excellent safety record.  We are committed to maintaining high standards in all aspects of work that we undertake.  We have been accredited to ACC Secondary level.

A site specific Health and Safety Management Plan is developed for each project we undertake and is kept on site for reference at all times.