Location: The Village, Jacks Point
Contract Value: $
Project Completion Date: June 2009

We completed the latest part of the Jacks Point Development. This area is called the Village and included realignment of an existing road, construction of the Golf House car park and turning area, and over 1.3km of roading with all of the associated utilities, stormwater and sewer reticulation required for 12 large commercial lots. Within this project we completed 12,000m3 of bulk earthworks.

The works were carried out under a tight schedule, and had to meet the extremely high standards that are required for this Blue Chip Development. Our site encompassed existing roads and therefore access had to be maintained at times for the public, as well as allowing access for special events such as car shows and golf tournaments/practices in the lead up to the NZ Golf Open. These circumstances gave our project team various difficulties but with thorough planning and preparation the project was not affected, and safe access was maintained at all times for the public.

As with all our other projects on Jacks Point we utilized our GPS Machine Control equipment for earthworks and road construction. To ensure our roads were constructed to correct specifications and on time we at times employed the services of local helicopter operators to dry the road metals and also covered and exposed metals with a plastic covering to ensure the frost did not deteriorate its quality of strength.

There were no accidents or near misses reported on the project and our awareness of the area around us led to no environmental incidents.