Wilson Contractors have the plant and equipment to take on any sized earthworks project.

Our current plant list includes:

One 25T Excavator fitted with GPS
Two 23T Excavators fitted with GPS
Eight 20T Excavators four fitted with GPS Machine Control
Six Excavators between 10T – 14.5T
Thirteen Excavators between 2T – 7.5T
Five 1.7T Excavators
One D6R Dozer
Thirteen Loaders ranging from 3-20T
Three Graders fitted with GPS Machine Control
Ten 6×4 10.5T Road Trucks with Trailers
Screening Plant

Other Plant

We also have a comprehensive list of small plant and utility vehicles such as:

Directional drill                               Track barrows
Mulcher                                            Pedestrian rollers
Pumps                                              Plate compactors
Generators                                      Forklifts
Drainage trailer                              Pump trailer
Testing Trailer                                Ride on mowers and quad bikes
Dosing Trailer

Over the years Wilsons have undertaken projects which have also required small and specialised plant, most of which has been designed and built by Wilsons staff. We carry out a large amount of bulk earthworks and large engineered fills utilising the large and smaller plant listed above, and in addition we have specially built or adapted the following plant:

  • Purpose built bottom dump trailer for track gravelling (1.2m track width)
  • Track Barrows
  • Track Mounted Airman 125 CF Compressor
  • TY24C Pneumatic Rock Drill
  • QJ15 Pneumatic Rock Drill
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Other Projects

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Bulk Earthworks
Subdivision Construction
Commercial and Residential Site-works
Cycle and Walking Tracks
Directional Drilling
Forestry Development
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